Friday, 23 March 2012

Project Have Fun

So I've been asked to create an environment and a set of characters to go with it based on all the things we've learned over the past few weeks. I have no limit in the idea as long as it fits to a genre and platform. This does sound fun and hopefully I can come up with something different and fun to do!

I have some rules to make that I need to set myself to follow when making this creation of mine. It can be one or it could be ten. It's up to me based on what I think is important boundaries when creating an environment and characters.

Concerning environment rules, I have made four rules.
1. Use the environment to signal an event or item that will be coming up or is there.
2. Use the environment to guide the player through. Using props or stairs to use as directional tools.
3. The environment should show signs of the back story.
4. Don't add things that will detach the player. For example add a scene in a fight that you can't do physically in the game.

Concerning characters I've made three rules.
1. Silhouette should show unique character.
2. Less is more. Don't go overboard with detail.
3. Make sure they fit in the environment they are being created for.

So now I'm going to start thinking of an idea. I have some in mind but we'll see how that leads when I start doing some concept art.

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