Sunday, 4 March 2012

Artist Review: Alphonse Mucha

I haven't done one in a while and I thought I might do Mucha. He's quite a popular favourite and it's clear to see why. He's the man that basically labelled prints back in the day. He has such an elegant style and although it wasn't his choice to actually do lithography he beasted at it!

His intentions when he was young was to be a painter and all though he did do some his career came from the lithography he did. Nouveau became very popular with what he produced and went on to do The Slav Epic which is painting produced by alphonse depicting Czech and Slavic people. Shortly after completing this work German troops invaded and he was arrested and interrogated. It's believed during this time his health degraded badly and shortly after being released, died from a lung infection.

After his death the art he had produced was stored away as at the time it was believed to be 'reactionary' and the German's at this point had no interest in his work. His work was later shown some 25 years later.

His art is inspiring to many artists and is constantly revived when artists mimic his style. Mucha's works have inspired many comic book and manga artists and other artists in general and will continue to inspire future artists. I myself find his work incredible and although realism is a big part of my course I would love to do a project on him.

The colors he uses are subtle to each other and the boarders really reflect an almost pop out effect against the painting itself. Some of them seem very fairy tale as well and the way there is a mix between detail and silhouetting is beautifully done. I like his seasons set the best. I think it really shows an interest and stylish flare to season paintings a lot of artists try to do.

From left to right: Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring.

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