Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun: The Story

It's not a particularly long story and it's certainly probably not a quirky one but it's one that I think is a little bit more interesting and colourful then most ideas.

You see this beautiful place covered in the lush green plants and beautiful flowers skip along the area being oddly humanistic. All of a sudden this towering shadow cascades over the area and everyone panics! The stand absolutely still and just stare up at this giant shadow obscured by the blinding sun. As it dissappears the flowers begin to settle in comfort again but then a horrifying scream is heard. A few thick bushes away you see a dead crushed plant. It's head has been torn off and the only the body and roots remain. It's the third attack this week. The Queen flower appears almost out of thin air and plants her foot deep in the earth and lets out an almost unending roar as she proclaims that she will find the creatures that are terrorising her home and fellow flowers. A few of her advisors's insist on giving her aid and she begrudgingly accepts.

She begins her journey at the latest murder and notices some ink spots that lead deep into the lush green environment. This leads into the many stage areas where you will need your flower aids to help you jump, swim, fly and cut your way through these areas and ultimately help you defeat the unknown enemy that terrorises The Queen's home.

As you reach the end and you find out who the enemy is and why they've been murdering these flowers you find out more than what you wanted to know. A sort of twist if you will that I will probably draw up a little picture of.

As I said it's not the longest but I thought it was quite the fun idea.

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