Friday, 23 March 2012

Project Have Fun Idea

So I've really kind of had this idea in my head for some time but it had a different story to it. I wanted to make a game that was surrounded in plant life or something that's very earthy. I don't want to go pikmin, I want to be more adventurous with the flowers I pick so I've come up with a side scroller that would be for any platform and phone game. It would be 2D and be based around this idea of plants being killed for their ink. The queen flower decides it's her duty to defend her flower kin and fights this enemy which you later learn are humans but like the borrower size to match the plants. Each type of flower will have a unique move and the queen herself will be a brawler. A real fighting woman...plant! I have a few ideas already for the plants and the queen herself. I wanted to make sure she would stand out from the rest of the flowers so she's actually referenced off a flower called  the night queen.

So we have a few minion ideas. A couple of grumpy ones, a couple of thinkers and servants. The larger one is the queen idea I have. I'll work on some colour ones to give them more detail.

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