Sunday, 18 March 2012

My changed view when playing games

It's a littler frustrating actually cus I can't seem to just enjoy a game but every time I play something all I do is look at the textures, the lighting and tsk at any seams I find. WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ME.

It's kind of a good thing but it's annoying that I just can't enjoy 5 minutes without thinking about what's right. I suppose it's changed the way I see how games are textured and stylised these days. I get really pissed off when I see a pretty female warrior when they should be just as scared and battered as a male warrior!! Get rid of them scant clothes and get some proper armour god damn it!! Cute little people with big eyes is cool but realistically those eyes would be very hard to see out of and where would the brain go man...

I suppose it's a good thing because it helps me to think of a more realistic approach to things but as I know myself pretty well, I think it'd also be a bad thing. I'd probably over think it and it'd turn boring. I am boring aren't I? Sigh.

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