Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun: The Characters

So the idea is that you are The Queen Flower and you have a bunch of minions to help you get through the levels. I already posted the sketches and here are the updated, more detailed drawings for them with information about the things they do in the game.

This is the cutter minion. This flower also appears as a servant to The Queen so I put it in a pose that signified that's it's respectful and frightened of The Queen like you see most servants in animated movies look. The idea of this minion is that you would use it to cut plants out of the way that are blocking the rest of the level as well as cutting the areas leading to bosses.

This is the flyer flower. The way the petals are placed are sort of like a propeller. so the idea here is that The Queen would use him to fly over areas that would be dangerous to her like deep water or pit holes. I wanted this flower to be worried or have a fear of carrying others when flying.

This is the jumper flower. The Queen would stand on it's head and depending on how long you hold down a button or whatever the further you would jump but it would have a limit of course otherwise there would be no point for a flyer flower. The face is split in half because I thought a split personality or something would be kind of a cool idea. Happy when no one is standing on it's head and angry when someone does stand on it's head. 

This is the swimmer flower. I chose this flower because I thought it was a nice little boat shape and although The Queen would barely fit in this flower head itself I thought the flower could lay flat and back stroke through the water so she sits comfortably on top. A limit would be used on the swimmer. Eventually it would sink because of the weight.

Last but not least is The Queen. She wouldn't have any special abilities as she uses everyone around her anyway regardless of her mission to save her flower people. I tried to go for a figure as well as a sort of sassy and almost bored look. She's based off the night queen flower so I made her a more mono colour so she'd stand out from everyone else's colours. She's much taller than her minions as well. 

First of the enemies that you will see running away constantly is the cutter. He uses the pincers from a beetle to cut the heads off flowers so they can steal what they need. He's fast and cool-headed. The leader of the 3 man group. He wears the rest of the beetle as a shield and also to blend in better.

This is the fighter. The kid that kills the flowers so and protects the other two kids. Same idea, uses the beetles horn as a weapon and the rest as armour and also as a camouflage. This kid is very hot headed and angry all the time so he's perfect for attacking.

This is the gather. She waits until everyone is done and collects the petals to take back with her. She uses part of the beetles armour as a bowl to carry them in and the rest as armour. She's paranoid and wary of her surroundings. 

The leader of the kids is this guy here. He'll be known as boss as even the kids call him boss. He doesn't have colourful clothes like the kids as he just wants the kids to be able to have nice things which is why they steal the ink from the flowers to dye their clothes. He uses a brighter beetle's armour as decoration to show off what he killed with his bare hands. He'll use the kids in battle to fight for him and when they are defeated he'll gather the items the kids have and use them against you as a final fight. 

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