Friday, 16 March 2012

Need to look at more artists

So I've come to realise that I don't know enough artists. None of that abstract shit you see. I mean a good old fashioned painter. I've heard of quite a few but I don't actually know any of their works. I thought that was a little sad so I did some digging on Turner and Koppelaar.

I'll start with Turner. His full name is Joseph Mallord William Turner. Born in England and travelled all over europe he has a flare for oil painting in detail with such an atmospheric tone. The pieces he produces with clouds or the ocean show a very violent and dark emotion. He almost had this knack for showing nature in his paintings like it existed as a form of these objects he painted but felt like a person you could see. I know you can see nature as it is but it felt that it had a personality of sorts the way he painted it. In other landscape pieces he has an overwhelming theme of orange and generally warm colours. It's a wonderful mood to the paintings and certainly makes me wish I could have seen what he was painting at that time. In some of his paintings the detail becomes less visible and almost feels unwordly. I think some how his personality reflected onto his work which made it all the more unique.

Frans Thoman Koppelaar is a dutch painter who painted landscapes and cityscapes. He did do portraits as well which interested me more because of the way he painted them. They feel realistic but also noticbly painted in other areas. The effect of a photograph but with the area he wanted as a focal point having all the detail. He seems to stick with the colors that are given to him at that time in the scene rather than making a few colors and using them in the whole painting. I think it gives a more realistic effect, especially in the cityscapes because it feels lived in. It feels like a people have been there and live there which he's painted. Again he's made some areas more detailed in other to focus on. I love how realistic he paints the water. It feels icy enough to jump in and swim.

One thing that I'm extremely jealous about with these kinds of artists in the incredible detail they can paint with oils. If I had the patience with oils I'd love to try them but they just seem like a lot of hassle. I think maybe I'll give it a shot over the summer when I can go outside so I don't stain my floor or something.

I also picked these artists because they were born on my birthday. I was a bit chuffed about that, then I saw someone I wasn't chuffed about also born on my birthday. 

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