Sunday, 4 March 2012

Movie Review: Angel-a

I'm not one for black and white movies and neither for french films as I generally find them boring and predictable. Well this movie was predictable I didn't find it boring. I liked how the scenes were put together, almost photographic. The opening scene with the main character talking I felt was a little bit dragged out and probably could have been done in a more Guy Ritchie style with a still then continue to role sort of thing.

The main character was interesting to say the least. I found him very annoying for a small man and too confident for his own good which I'm sure was the point. When he meets the female lead and they have their little journey it felt awkward. I know she was there to help him from the off set but the way he would speak to her and the way she would speak didn't feel like a mutual beneficial arrangement sort of thing...more like one of those horrible comedy movies where they get married by accident and try to be nice but ultimately fail but then at the very end up falling in love.

The female lead who is Angela was very...stiff. I mean I know she's tall and it's a bit difficult to flow when you're that tall but I mean she was like mantis style there. I didn't really feel I believed her. Maybe that's the point because of who she is but like most of the movie I felt awkward watching her. She was pretty to look at though sometimes when the angle was right!

The ending was quite nice and heart felt although I really didn't like how rough the main character was being with Angela on the bridge. I actually thought she was going to break with the amount of force he was using on her. Other than that the ending was beautifully done. It was a pretty alright movie that had it's good moments I don't think it's something I really want to watch again though. Maybe when I'm old and future movies are just rehashes of my childhood...oh wait that's already happening! One thing I didn't realise until just now that it's done by Luc Besson...I love The Fifth Element. I see he has a fetish for abnormally tall women. Saying that as well they're very similar looking.

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