Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun: The Research

I realised I didn't post this yet. Of course I have some otherwise how would I know which flowers to use and what colours to stick on them! Also the enemies of course needed researching!!

To start I'll do the flowers. I just found a bunch of different flower types based on shape and color and also I gave a little thought to how I could actually use them as a tool. You can see here initial ideas I had for certain flower. The pansy I sketched was an old fart who was always grumpy but I thought he could have the hidden talent of strength and he could move things around in the levels. You also see a tiger lily there but the one I designed as the cutter was a purple and white flower but I seemed to have lost that picture reference. There was a lotus there as well. I didn't have an initial skill for it as it was just really a sketch based off what I was looking at and trying to fashion it into a living creature with eyes and such. The white lily there was the swimmer. I probably could have done a water lilly but that would require it to stay in the water and I wanted all the characters you use to be seen in the opening. The flower I based The Queen off. The night queen as it's known. I just loved how the pink just wrapped around the white flower when it was closed. I thought it would make the perfect shape for a detailing crown kind of thing. I didn't do the open one because I thought that would be better used when she died during the level or something and you'd just see all the petals carried away in the wind. The pink flower in the bottom left was my flyer flower. I loved how the petals just merged in the centre and it reminded me of a propeller so that's how I used it.The bottom right is the jumper flower. I thought this would definitely fit a spring idea with the way it's shaped and the colours were beautiful so I wanted to use it. You see the sunflowers there as well which I just used as the nursers.

Now we have the vegetation. This is what I'm referencing for the background of the levels and in the storyboards. Just to make it seem fuller and not open and plain so they look like they're in this planet of lush green plants. 

The enemies were based on the borrowers. The new studio ghibli movie helped a lot to determine the size of the enemies to the plants and the flowers themselves. The borrowers movie back in the 90s didn't give me any of that sadly but it gave me an idea for the way they would look crossed with the beetles they would have slain.

This was a couple of beetle pictures I took for the shape reference and colours. I thought they would really need a way to blend in if they were getting away with killing the flowers so what better way then to disguise as a beetle!

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