Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun: Flower moves!

Some sketches sort of detailing the kind of thing you would expect each of the flower minions to do. So we have a quick idea for a stage start screen. Basically this will happen each stage, you'll see the kids running off one side of the screen and The Queen appearing on the opposite side.  The next panel is a little quick idea of what you might see at the start of a level. You pick up various minions on the way that will indicate you have to use them soon. You don't have a stock of these guys you use them once and they disappear but you get them again if they're needed again. So we see you start with a jumper and above you see a cutter. 

So you use the jumper to launch yourself higher in the level and then you meet the cutter. Some areas you have to be careful where you stand as the plant could change angle and you could fall!

We have the swimmer where The Queen is casually ordering him where to swim. These guys have a timer on how long they can swim for as they weight of The Queen can make them sink over time. I didn't draw accurately how she would sit on it but generally she'd be sitting further up using the lip of the flower as a sort of edge to lean forward and keeping herself steady.

We then have the cutter demonstrating those lovely tendrils aren't there for no reason. He cuts down shrubs, weeds and things blocking your path so you can move forward. The things you need to cut won't always be on the ground.

A couple of storyboard pieces. The first is a flower moving through the vegetation around him just minding his own business. The second panel are some nursers who plant and look after baby flowers. You don't play as them but all flowers have a role I guess!

For the first panel in this set we have The Queen being unenthusiastic about her duties and not really listening to her servant/advisor telling her about the dangers outside their little shrub village.
The second panel is seeing the massive shadow that freezes them in place. This would be part of the opening scenes to the story. 

I have some more storyboarding I'm doing to go through the opening and creating a stage that I'll sketch out in the panels like this.

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