Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Session 9

Pretty cool movie. It didn't end the way I thought it would but I guess that was the point.

Best moment in the whole movie
I think everyone must have laughed at this. I've seen it on the interwebs before I actually saw this movie so I thought it was hilarious!

There was quite a lot of things in this movie that was strange to watch. The annoying sounds they used to trip your mind out or repeat loops of the same bird through out the got to me but I think maybe that was the point? Drive you insane considering where the movie is set. The colors in that place were pretty orange for where they worked and there was a significant difference between the outside colors and inside the building. Different worldly feel to it when they were all doing work and discovering things. It seemed more like a story that would watch a group of people go slowly insane and kill each other but I was quite shocked at how it was just more of a reflection of the curiosity of people needing to know something or wanting to find something. I really felt through some moments that they should REALLY stop what they're doing because you know they're just going to get whacked over the head for being too fucking curious! It didn't happen so my heart rate was exceeding itself for no reason. I remember the main character talking at the very start of the movie and was off put by the fact he wasn't american like the rest of felt a bit forced making him the main focus because he was different. He clearly was from the rest of them. I don't know, it felt awkward watching him. Considering how it ends it feels more forced to be honest. I wasn't quite sure why the chair room kept popping up as they weren't even in it at all during the movie apart from passing it one scene but the lighting in it was cool. Very musky and run down.

Overall it was a good movie. I don't think I'd watch it again cus it wasn't my thing but it seems to be a good reference for lighting and mood in general. Also the guy who decided to put all those horrible noises in needs his ears cut off.

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