Saturday, 4 February 2012


So SOPA was shelved and such. We will see it again but for now it's gone which is grand...but now a new evil which doesn't only just effect america it effects every country. This bollocks is known as ACTA. It's pretty much the same as SOPA but it's far more extreme and this article I found on it today just proves how fucking stupid these things are.

I want people to know that if this passes we aren't going to live in the same world any more. This is literally going to stop us from saying what we want. How can you take that away!? Please, please read about this bill and share to others that this needs to be taken away now! If I find a protest here in the UK about it I will be there because I'm not letting this destroy my internet!! GET RID OF IT NOW!! SHOUT OUT AGAINST IT!!

Also another link to what people in the European parliament(remember a guy resigned because of this!!) think of this.

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