Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gustav Klimt

Anyone who says this guy isn't amazing can go find a bridge and jump of it! 
This man, this artist is the reason I love art. He is such an individual with his work and when you see it you know it's him straight away. He just has that overwhelming sense of being and I honestly, every time, sit and look at his stuff for hours when I come across it on the web. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing his art in person in Vienna quite some few years ago. Me being young I didn't fully appreciate it but I loved it! Today I can say truly adore his stuff. I painted the tree of life in school once and that must have been the one thing I was proud of doing. My mum bought me a puzzle of expectation and I must have sat there and completed about 100 times just staring at how pretty it was. He uses such primitive shapes in his well known works and the gold combined is just something really fantastic and unique. I love him! One thing I really want to do this summer is get to his work again now that I'm older. Gief plane ticket plx!

My absolute fav!

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