Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Black Hawk Down Review

I've seen this movie a few years ago and, well, I turned the channel. I'm not one for war movies and stuff so when I watched it recently all the way through I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed it. If only for the man that gone blown to pieces! *Evil laugh*

It's one of few movies that only progress. You never see any back track areas or flash back moments in the movie. Everything you need to know is there. Everything that you are required to know has been shown to you. That's a cool idea to be honest. One thing I always hated about movies and TV show, not to mention a particular game, is the amount of flash backs they throw in there either just to waste time or to tell you something that you wouldn't have been able to figure out without it...which most of the time you figure out anyway.

It seems sort of a mono-coloured movie. The tint throughout makes it seems like an event in the past and in essence it is. The whole area in which the movie takes place is a marvel really. It's incredible to think that it's not real because it really and utterly seems real. It's definitely a place I thought would have existed.

I didn’t realise the number of actors that were in this movie. I think spotting all the actors was more of a shock to me then the storyline! I couldn’t believe how well they all suited their roles as well. They all seemed like their characters and it really seemed like a unit. It’s the same with the army base as well. It feels like they’ve moved in, made it their home and are having the best of craic in a place they don’t want to be in.

I thought the movie dragged on a bit but I didn’t feel that that any of the scenes should have been cut. They all seem relevant to a certain degree which I have to say, I haven’t seen that much in movies.

The visualisation of the shots is also something quite unique. Most would sacrifice for another angle to save time or budget for special equipment but having all the angles as they are in the movie reflected somewhat of a human vision. What someone is seeing in these shots, not what a camera is seeing. It felt like you were there not stuck at the side looking in.

It’s a pretty good movie. I said before I’m not keen on them but I’m glad I at least watched this fully to appreciate how visually intense this movie is.

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