Sunday, 15 January 2012

David Hockney

I was watching BBC news this morning and came across a story about David Hockney. I've never heard of this guy but I vaguely remember hearing about an artist who used his ipad to paint. It would appear David Hockney was the man I heard about and opening at the Royal Academy of Arts this year is a major exhibition of his works his done over the past few years.

There was a couple of previews they showed of some of the landscape pieces he'd done around Yorkshire. The colours he's used in a lot of his work is so vibrant but portrayed so realistically it's such a stunning gallery to look at. He uses oil paintings for the very big, patched together canvases and the smaller pieces are what he had done on the ipad. The ipad paintings are just as detailed and colourful as his oil paintings and it shows the season developing so beautifully. The colours he's used in the smaller paintings are more subtle but still show a vibrant flare to his paintings. I might try and venture down to see this gallery while it's open this year because it seems such an unusual style towards landscape paintings it'd be lovely to see them up close with all the brush stroke details.

A link to the preview of the works in his gallery:

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