Wednesday, 16 November 2011

First Review on Game Art Design Course

I just have my first review on how well I am doing on Game Art Design. I had a shock and a had a surprise. Overall I think it was informative and although the tutors didn't say much they gave me the right advice on how to improve. I'm looking forward to moving on and I feel motivated to try harder. It is an extreme privilege to be able to do this course and I will make sure that I pass it one way or another!

Game Production
I've found it a little tough getting used to using 3ds Max. I've used it before in the past but I never had a budget on tris or to texture them properly. These things I feel I'm OK but hearing Heather's advice I feel better that I will improve and I look forward to the future assignments that are going to be set. Being able to see what the previous year ones did in their game production gives me hope too. It's certainly frustrating and I think one other thing that I really should get used to doing is asking for advise and help on my work. There is only so much I can do on my own and searching for help on my own but getting to chat to someone face to face and showing them my problems is a much bigger help.

Visual Design
I've been enjoying the art. It would seem though that I'm not producing enough which I guess for the standard this course is that yes, I do need to produce more. I've realised that following what the handbook says doesn't necessarily mean that I will pass. I must show my enthusiasm for learning to improve myself. Show how hard I can work and how much effort I can put in to what I say is my big passion. I should be driving myself more to really prove this is important to me. I feel I have improved quite a lot since I've started. It's been a very long time since I've drawn this regularly and I've missed being proud of what I've drawn. It's time to really push the boat out and get my scribbling down!

Critical Studies
It's been fun to go back and look at all the old consoles and origins of video games. I've had some nostalgic moments seeing some goldies pop up on the projector. Watching the progression of the industry has been quite interesting. I've done history for games before but the way it was shown to me this time around has made me realise how fast it's developed. It's exciting because I can't wait for future developments but it's also scary. I fear the way that's it's going at the moment may lead to another crash and that's a nightmare I do not want right now. Mike has asked me to flesh out my blog more. I've never really been a person to keep a journal or diary so getting used to blogging will be a bit of a step. I do feel though, as I'm typing this entry, that it's sort of a relief to type my feelings and gives me a few ideas on things to post in the future.

Overall I'm excited and motivated. I think that is what this review was for. To really push me into doing my best and showing my best. I will certainly try and I hope it pays off!


  1. Im in agreement with your positive thinking Jess, Ive always been a firm believer that if you have faith in yourself and your ability to suceed then anything is possible.
    This was my mind frame all through my gcse retakes and my second attempt at a levels. Im just starting to have that faith again. Keep the faith. We can do it Jess, heres to the future.