Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Artist Spotlight CreatureBox

Before I get some course work on here I wanted to add an artist I discovered today. CreatureBox.

CreatureBox is actually two artists. Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin created CreatureBox to show case they type of work they do. They focus on character design and comic art. Their styles are quite interesting and their concepts for some characters are hilarious and curious. The colours they've used in one particular art piece called The Evil Beneath really struck how epic the monsters are and how small the character compare to it. The choice of a fluorescent colour in the shadowed areas is a real eye catcher as well as the beam of light that comes from above the giant creatures. The way the earth is torn up from the creature appearing shows the motion in the image and the glowing mouth shows the motion of the creature as well.

They do some fun art pieces such as Barking Wolverine and Vader. Although quick works by them the expressions and feeling in the images are what make them. The sharp un-even teeth of wolverine as his roaring voice shudders his short cigar. His upright claws and small face features shows the power in this massive roar. Vader representing his big presences with an overlay, long neck and slim shoulders. The little ice cream poking a bit of fun at his blank mask projecting the idea that anything could be going on in that suit.

What I really like about artists, such as these gentlemen, is that show the process of how they achieve their wonderful art. Mr. Incredible Process shows the detail that goes in after the messy sketch is thought up and how clean the finished product looks. A better example of their process is Nightcrawler Process.

A lot of their work is concept for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Although the game has been out for a long while now it gives a good insight to how much tweaking and different designs are produced before coming up with a final product. It's a great look at to see how things are laid out and how much work is put in to doing this job.

You can find a lot more of personal work at their website.

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